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Hainan cultivates agarwood incense
-Hainan agarwood belongs to the Hui'an family of agarwood, with a quiet and elegant sweet feeling
-The charming fragrance is especially favored by scholars in Song Dynasty
-Among the spices used for making incense, agarwood is the first of the four famous incense "Shen Tanlong Musk"
-This product is made from selected Hainan cultivated agarwood, which allows people to appreciate the charm of Hainan agarwood and preserve the wild agarwood

Length of each: about 21cm

Burning time: about 25 minutes Quantity: about 60 branches

Characteristic: Quiet and elegant sweetness
Category: Huian Agarwood

-Made with selected 【cultivated】Hainanese agarwood
-Can appreciate the elegancy while preserving wild agarwood.
-Popular among the scholars back in the Song Dynasty.
-Among the spices that used for makingincense, agarwood is the first of the four most famous incenses spices.

Length: About 21cm

Burning Time: Around 25mins
Quantity: Around 60PCS

Hainan Cultivated Agarwood Incense Stick

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