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Han traditional incense production

The incense that can be found in Hong Kong is generally bamboo stick incense. This page will introduce the production method

Rubbing incense method (No incense method)

Add fragrant powder and natural sticky fragrant powder and water to make fragrant gum. Rub the fragrant gum on the fragrant bones (bamboo skewers) with a wooden board
Since this method of making is relatively time-consuming, it is generally used for expensive incense.
​(See the video on the homepage)

The following is the ATV ATV "I Love Hong Kong" to explain the method of Nostalgia
Pour incense method
This method is mainly used to make relatively cheap incense. Although this method can produce many bamboo stick incense in a short time, since a large amount of incense powder will remain in the bucket during the incense spraying process, so if you use this Method to make expensive incense will increase the cost.
​The production method requires a relatively large space and complicated production tools. For details, please see the video on the right to understand.
Handmade incense / Yuxiang / lying incense production
1. Mix the pure natural traditional fragrant powder according to its nature and flavor characteristics.
2. Use a flour sieve to sift out the coarse spice grains. The size of the spice powder used to make the incense must be extremely fine.
3. The sifted fragrant powder needs to be stored for a period of time so that the scent characteristics of the fragrant medicines can be blended together and the smell becomes more sweet and mellow.
4. Mix the fused fragrant powder and elm bark powder (natural fragrant gum powder) in proportion.
5. Add water and fragrant powder to mix into fragrant mud.
6. Constantly rubbing the scented mud to further evenly mix the fragrant medicine.
7. Then continue to tart the fragrant mud on the table to force the air in the fragrant mud.
8. Use the incense tool to extrude the incense one by one.
9. Arrange the incense sticks neatly on the drying rack to prevent bending, and let them dry for a week in the shade.
10. Carefully separate the rows of incense sticks and put them in the incense tube for storage.
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