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​Permanent Course




Teaching of Traditional Incense Culture

Learn and preserve Hong Kong’s traditional incense culture together,

Let Hong Kong continue to be a port of fragrance!

Teaching characteristics: Adhere to both theory and practice.

At present, the general workshop courses only teach various production techniques without explaining the historical and cultural background. As a result, the students do not have a complete understanding of their own craftsmanship. Generally speaking, the courses at the college only focus on the discussion of history and culture, and lack the skills and practice of "successful and settled". Therefore, it is necessary to combine the two into one, so that students can gain a complete understanding of traditional incense culture, whether in historical culture or in hands-on production techniques.

Professor Xiangyi's content:

--〉Telling the history of Han Chinese incense culture

--> Tell about the relationship between Agarwood and Hong Kong and promote the importance of its conservation

-->Teach the incense seal skills

--〉Professor to make tower incense grains, incense and other shapes

-->Teaching traditional fire-separating incense (smelling) skills

--〉Teach basic incense etiquette and simple incense composition game
-->Teach the basic skills of Hexiang

Constant Cooperative Organization: Buddhist Youth Association, The Han Li

Other cooperative organizations: Social Welfare Department, Hong Kong Chaozhou Association, Hang Seng Management School, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwun Tong), Bai Yuanzi, etc.

Other organizations are welcome to organize together to promote the traditional incense culture and the importance of the conservation of Agarwood. (Please refer to "Contact Us" for contact information)

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