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Hong Kong Traditional Incense Cultural Conservation-Seal Incense Three Incense Set

Seal incense was a common incense burning method before the Ming Dynasty.
Ancient seal incense seals were carved from wood, and the incense powder was embossed into tangible patterns, and they were generally in seal script.

The practice of seal incense is very simple, that is, first press the incense ash to flatten the incense ash, and then put the seal incense seal on the ash surface. Use the incense spoon to put the incense powder in the seal, and then use the incense spatula to shovel the incense powder into the gap. After picking up the seal incense seal, you can burn the seal incense.

Seal incense three incense set (incense ash, incense shovel, incense spoon)

Incense Powder Mold Tools

Incense Powder Mold Tools

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