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Included cypress and Indian benzoin, which both of them can relieve stress and enhance sleep quality.


Benzoin is a candy-like sweet resin often used in traditional incense, Indian incense, and Japanese incense. Benzoin can also relieve depression and relieve discomfort of lung. (For aromatic usage only, not for medical usage.) In ancient times, it was introduced from the Western Regions of the Parthian Kingdom, hence the name benzoin. Benzoin has been used for aromatherapy and religious purposes since ancient times. In Tantric Buddhism, offering Cunti Bodhisattva (Chandi /Chandika Devi in Hinduism) and Avalokitesvara with benzoin is exceptional. Benzoin can soothe the nerves and refresh the brain, remove obstacles and eliminate filth.




Length: about 21cm

45 sticks

each roll burning time: around 30min

瑞德香線香 Propitious Virtue Incense Stick

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