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Guixiangyue is based on sandalwood with warm sweet osmanthus and six flavor medicines. The floral fragrance is sweet, warm and dispelling the cold. With sweet, aromatic and stomach sandalwood as the base note, sweet-scented osmanthus is added, supplemented by traditional spices with aromatic qi regulating and dehumidifying effects as a foil to highlight the warmth and sweetness of sandalwood and osmanthus and make the whole more layered.

The "Osmanthus Fragrance Moon"Using the sweet sandalwood that can rectify the stomach with aromatics as the base. Added the sweet osmanthus that can warm lung and transform rheum, dissipate cold and relieve pain; and some herbs with the function of rectifying qi with aromatics , transforming dampness, warming the interior and quiet the heart and open the orifices for balancing and bring out the elegant smell of sandalwood and osmanthus.

Osmanthus Fragrance Moon Sachet

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