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性味與歸經: 辛,溫。歸胃經。

功能與主治 :行氣溫中,消食,止痛。用于胸膈脹滿,脘腹冷痛,飲食不消。

Sand Ginger 

This herb is usually used in cooking with Chicken. Also it can be used for getting rid of the tick and louse because of the strong smell. The Medical use is to cure chest and abdomen paint, dysentery, tooth cavity and ache. Also use as spice in cooking.Today it is being used in anti cancer, anti-pregnancy, anti epilepsy, anti inflammation, anti spasm, anti ulcer, promoting bile secretion, as diuretics, arresting cough.


This product is for aromatherapy only, not for any medical purposes, please do not take it (not edible).

山奈(沙姜)37.5g包 Sand Ginger 37.5g Package

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