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  • 用於寒閉神昏。蘇合香辛香氣烈,有開竅醒神之效,且長於溫通,辟穢,故宜治面青、身涼、苔白、脈遲之寒閉神昏。如治療中風痰厥、驚癇等屬於寒邪、痰濁內閉者
  • 用於胸腹冷痛,滿悶。本品溫通、走竄,可收化濁開鬱,祛寒止痛之效。用治痰濁,血瘀或寒凝氣滯之胸脘痞滿、冷痛等症


Styrax is a commonly used resinous spice in ancient times. This product is produced in the forests of border between india and bangladesh. The taste is sweet and fresh. There is a smell of rosin.


Rejuvenate the mind and relieve pain.


Used for coldness and dizziness. Styrax has a strong aroma, has the effect of opening the body and awakening the mind, and it is longer than warming and clearing, so it is suitable for the treatment of cold face, cold body, white coating, and slow pulse. Such as the treatment of stroke phlegm Jue, epilepsy, etc. belong to cold pathogens, phlegm turbidity and internal closure
For chest and abdomen cold pain, full of stuffiness. This product warms and clears, and has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving pain. Use to treat phlegm turbidity, blood stasis or cold condensate qi stagnation, chest and epigastric fullness, cold pain embolism




Just for aromatic and religious use and not for medical use.


Avoid use by pregnant person and person with G6PD deficiency

印度蘇合香 37.5g Indian Stotax 37.5g

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