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乳香 (印度森林產)性味與歸經:味辛;苦;微溫。心;肝;脾經。 功能與主治:活血行氣;通經止痛;消腫生肌。主心腹疼痛;風濕痹痛;經閉痛經;跌打瘀痛;癰疽腫毒;腸癰;瘡潰不斂。


Frankincense (From India Forest) ​Usually used in Catholic church.Medical usage: improves circulation, repairs muscle, as resolvent. Being used in : pain due to blood clots, spastic muscle, carbuncles, gum bleeding, gingivitis, rheumatoid arthritis, cirrhosis of liver, amenorrhea, physical injuries, ulcerated wounds not healing.Indian Forest Frankincese powder has special aroma of lime, which is fresh and sweet.


本品僅供香薰用途,不作任何醫療用途,請勿服用。This product is for aromatherapy only, not for any medical purposes, please do not take it (not edible).

印度森林乳香粒 37.5克 Indian Forest Frankincense 37.5g

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