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Song Dynasty Ru Kiln Sky Celadon Glazed Three-legged Xuanwen Incense Burner

-Suitable for 8cm seal incense seal
-It can also be used as a demonstration of incense wood burning:
7.2cm in height
Foot height 1.5cm
9.5cm in diameter
*Made by hand, the size may be slightly deviated

-Suitable for 8cm Incense Powder Mold

-Also for incense wood burning

Demonstration of incense wood burning:

Height 7.2cm

Height of Legs 1.5cm

Diameter 9.5cm

*Size varies slightly among handmade incense burners.

仿宋款汝窯天青釉三足玄紋香爐3 Legs Incense Burner

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