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Smell the Fragrant Tea Party

​【Bianjing Chaliao x Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation】Smell the Fragrant Tea Party

Year, month or day (week) (activities will be suspended during the epidemic, please pay attention to the latest notice)

Time: 11:00-13:00


Location: Chaliao, Bianjing

Address: Shop G/F, Yunqing Building, 36-38 Wyndham Street, Central

Quota: 8 people

​Registration: ​

The Xiangxi (Scent Scenting Club) is a social and cultural activity of ancient literati and scholars. Through the form of interaction and communication, they can enjoy the fragrance and practice tranquility together. In the Song Dynasty, burning incense, ordering tea, flower arranging and hanging paintings were known as the four great literati graces. With the influx of Western trends, the Han Chinese feasting activities have faded, and the method of ordering tea also disappeared in the Ming Dynasty. However, the Japanese still adhere to this tradition to this day.

In this tea smelling tea party, Hong Kong traditional incense culture preservation incense artist will prepare incense from different origins by the method of burning incense (the method of smelling incense in incense road) for participants to taste and feel, and recognize their differences, and experience them together The fun of smelling incense at the ancient fragrant feast. In ancient times, the incense banquet was made by shuffling the order of different agarwoods, and the participants were asked to distinguish the order and similarities and differences of agarwood according to the smells they smelled; while the tea masters of Bianjing Chaliao will demonstrate the slightly pots in the Edo Chika Tea Ceremony Before the order, matcha tea is offered to the participants, and the combination of smelling the fragrance and ordering tea brings to the participants an elegant party with multiple sensory and enjoyment.

[Incense through the fire] During the Tang and Song Dynasties, scholars generally liked to enjoy incense through the method of "incense through the fire". This method uses the heat of the charcoal fire to let the oil in the fragrant wood volatilize without producing smoke, so that the process of smelling the fragrance will not be mixed with smoke.

[How to order tea] People in the Song Dynasty tasted matcha tea in a tea bowl, added hot water and beaten it with a bamboo tea whisk (tea bowl) until it bubbled and then drank it. The method of ordering tea disappeared in the Ming Dynasty due to court relations and changed to the method of brewing loose tea, but the Japanese tea ceremony retained this method and was called Qianqian.

Payment method: Payment must be completed one day before participating in the activity:

1. Bank transfer HSBC (Bank No. 004) 067-9-053751 Account name TANG HO CHUEN, WhatsApp 95304380 Provide a copy of the deposit paper and the registered name for verification.

2. Payme to 95304380 to indicate the income course, and WhatsApp to 95304380 to inform the registration name for verification. Please pay attention to avoid spraying perfume, mosquitoes afraid of water and other strong odor products on the day of participation. The event will take place on tatami mats, so please wear appropriate clothes to attend.

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