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[Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation x Han Li]

Experience courses of practicing incense, burning incense, smelling incense, and incense seats


Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation X The Han Li

Experience courses of incense practice, fire incense, smelling, and incense seats: (8 places)

Date: Tuesday, April 13 and 20, 2021,

Please inbox/ whatsapp (5239 3230)/ or call (2596.0383) to leave your name, phone number and number

Time: 7:30-9:30 in the evening

Cost: $1100 (two sessions)

(Comes with various materials including incense burner, incense utensils, incense ash, incense carbon, incense powder)

The first lesson is to practice incense (incense pill) and the techniques of making incense through fire. Incense incense is just one of the ancient ways of using incense. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, literati generally liked to mix fragrant medicine and honey to make incense, and then use the method of incense through fire to taste. Nowadays, it is no longer popular in Chinese places to make and practice incense and use the method of burning incense to taste incense. However, the Japanese kept the incense pill-making and smelling methods of the literati in the Tang and Song Dynasties until today, so the Japanese incense still uses the form of incense through the fire to smell the incense. And practicing incense is still common in Japanese fragrances. This class will teach you how to make incense (incense pill) and incense through fire.

Second class
Smell the incense, experience the incense feast The incense feast is a social cultural activity of the literati in ancient times. Through the form of interaction and communication, we can enjoy the incense and quietness together. With the influx of western trends, the activities of the Han people's feasts have declined. The Japanese still uphold this tradition to this day. In this class, students need to bring their own making and practicing incense, and prepare incense seats with incense through the fire in class. The purpose of this class is for students to practice the technique of incense through fire, and to meet friends with other students to experience the fun of smelling incense from the ancient incense feast.

If the content of the course is changed, the final decision is to use a tutor as the actual tutor:

Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation Aaron

class locations:
Han Li-16A, Chu Kwan Kee Commercial Centre, 289 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

2596 0383

Registration method:

Please inbox/ whatsapp (5239 3230)/ or call (2596.0383) to leave your name, phone number and number

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