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[Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation x Han Li] Traditional Fragrant Art Course


Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation X Han Li The Han Li Traditional Fragrant Art Three-in-one Class: (8 places)
Session 1: Fun Exploration: Taxiang Production

May 11, 2021 (Tuesday) 7:30-9:30 PM

Lecture 2: Watching incense clouds in a calm mind: making seal incense

May 18, 2021 (Tuesday) 7:30-9:30 PM

Session 3: First Smell of Fragrance World: Healing Skills

May 25, 2021 (Tuesday) 7:30-9:30 PM

Please inbox/ whatsapp (5239 3230)/ or call (2596 0383) to leave your name, phone number and number

The first lesson: Playful exploration: Taxiang production.
Describes the basic traditional incense types and methods of use, and introduces the simplest method of making incense: tower incense making.
Students will use sandalwood incense, and students can bring sandalwood incense powder and its works. Students need to bring their own plastic boxes to carry their works.

The second session: Mind and watch incense clouds: making seal incense.
Tells about the history of traditional incense culture, the making skills of incense seals and its effect on cultivating concentration.
After making incense seals, students can watch incense clouds and observe each other. Participants can take away sandalwood powder, incense ash, incense burner, incense shovel, incense spoon, incense stick, incense bottle and incense whisk.

The third session of the first hearing of the incense world: Hexiang skills.
Describes the relationship between Hong Kong and incense, the conservation of Agarwood, the culture of co-incense, the nature and taste of commonly used incense, and the character of the smeller (the spirit of incense and conservation).
This class also pays attention to the practice of Hexiang and interactive communication. Participants can take away sandalwood incense, six fragrant medicines and porcelain incense boxes.

1350HKD for three classes, learn the complete knowledge of traditional fragrance art!

Subject to changes in the course content, the final decision is to use a tutor as the actual tutor: Aaron, Hong Kong Traditional Fragrant Culture Conservation

class locations:
Han Li-

16A, Chu Kwan Kee Commercial Centre, 289 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai

Registration method:
Please leave your name, phone number and number in inbox/ whatsapp (5239 3230)/ or call (2596 0383)

Hong Kong Traditional Incense Culture Conservation and the Buddhist Youth Association co-organized the first traditional incense art class
(January 2017)

Teaching seal incense skills

Teaching tower incense grains and other styling skills

​Teach the skills of making Hexiang Xiangfang

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