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(只可香港內銷售。Can only be sold in Hong Kong)


Vietnam agarwood is defined as the highest-grade "Kara" among the “six countries and five tastes” agarwood categories of Japan. Agarwood of Vietnam belongs to the agarwood of the Huian Category, with a rich and sweet aroma; has a cool and multi-layered character. The elegant aroma of the wood has attracted the literati and scholars for thousands of years. Among the spices that used for making incense, agarwood is the first of the four most famous incenses spices. This product is made with selected cultivated Vietnam agarwood, so that people can appreciate the elegant fragrance of Vietnam agarwood and preserve wild agarwood as well.

越南培植沉香木塊 Vietnam Cultivated Agarwood Chip 37.5g

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