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Phoebe fragrans gum powder (2 packs)

It is made from nanmu bark and is also known as a natural adhesive for making incense. It is added to help incense powder to bond when making incense.

Suggested mixing ratio: 1/4 nanmu gum powder, 3/4 spices

Weight: 2 packs (ie 75g)

Method of making tower incense:

1: Mix nanmu gum powder and spices in proportion

2: Add appropriate amount of water, rub the fragrant powder until there is no powder on your hands

3: Knead it into a tower-flavored shape, dry it, and use it in about 5-7 days.

Makko Incense Binder Powder (75g)

~ Act as binder for making incense

~ Suggested Ratio: 1/4 Makko Incense Binder Powder, 3/4 Incense Powder

Make your own incense cone:

-Combine the Makko Incense Binder Powder with your choice of incense powder

-mix with water untili no more powder sticks with your hands

-sit dry for a week

Weight: 75g

Makko Incense Binder Powder (75g)

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