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The Dharma and the Moon are based on the Lianhua Sutra of the Lianhua Sutra, based on the rituals of yoga, the establishment of mandalas, and the method of choosing places. When tantric practice is made, the five incense, five treasures, and five grains are buried in the ground. These five incenses were also passed to Japan by Kofa Master Kukai and used in esoteric ceremonies. For example, the deity's incense used as a protective mask is also made by using the above five spices. This product uses agarwood cultivated in Vietnam to support the conservation of wild agarwood.

The "Dharma Peace Moon" is made of the Buddhist five aromas that used in the Vajrayana Dharma Assembly. These five aromas were brought from China to Japan by Kōbō-Daishi Kūkai, a famous Japanese Buddhist Monk, and used in the Mikkyo Dharma Assembly.

Vietnamese cultivated agarwood is used for promoting the preservation of wild agarwood tree.

Dharma Peace Moon Sachet

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