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《香之書》--- 享受傳統日本香薰藝術



香在日本有著悠久的歷史。在古代宮廷裡,男女都在他們的房間裡聞著和服的香味,甚至在他們的書寫紙上也用標誌性的混合香,其追求者肯定會在他們的愛情詩中提到。即使在今天,日本香也因其微妙和美麗而備受推崇。 《香之書》是第一本專注於日本香傳統的英文書籍,包括不同的成分混合混合物和採樣各種混合物,涉及香的傳統文學遊戲,即香道,至今仍在進行的香儀式。 隨著芳香療法和其他用於放鬆和愉悅的氣味用途的流行,這本新的商業平裝本《香之書》來得正是時候。對於任何想要重新認識氣味的重要性並學習如何在日常生活中充分利用嗅覺的人來說,這本書都是必讀的。


The Book of Incense----Enjoy the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents

written by Kiyoko Morita

total 134pages

Incense has a long history in Japan. At the ancient court men and women alike scented their kimono their rooms and even their writing paper with signature blends of incense that admirers were sure to mention later in their love poems. Even today Japanese incense is highly regarded for its subtlety and beauty. The Book of Incense is the first book available in English that focuses on the incense traditions of Japan including different ingredients mixing blends and sampling various mixtures traditional literary games involving incense Koh-do the incense ceremony still performed today.

With the current popularity of aromatherapy and other uses of scent for relaxation and pleasure this new trade paperback edition of The Book of Incense comes at a most opportune time. It is must reading for anyone who wants to gain a new awareness of the importance of scent and learn how to make optimal use of the sense of smell in our everyday lives.

日本《香之書》The Book of Incense----Enjoy the Traditional Art of Japanese Scents

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